Sponsorship Opportunities


Designated Drivers Across America provides an unique alternative to drinking and driving.  One of the top reasons people drink and drive is their unwillingness to leave their car behind.  Our service solves this problem by driving customers home in their own vehicles.

Designated Drivers Across America's mission is to provide an alternative to drinking and driving in every community across America, reduce the amount of alcohol related incidents including DWIs, accidents, and deaths, and create awareness about the use of a designated driver.

We are currently looking for sponsors and partners with similiar ideals regarding responsible drinking.
Whether your a local business or national company, a partnership with us can help achieve these goals.

If you are interested in a partnership with Designated Drivers Across America, please contact us (716) 713-7703 or send us an email to DesignatedDriversAcrossAmerica@gmail.com.

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