Start a Designated Drivers Across America Franchise Today!

Designated Drivers Across America's mission is to provide an alternative to drinking and driving in every community across America. Becoming the CEO of a DDAA franchise will make you a vital part of that. As a DDAA Franchisee, not only will you make money, but you will also help to save lives and protect your community.

Designated Drivers Across America is a national brand that will help to get your business exposure, allow people to use the service no matter what city they are in, and will help to garner national sponsorships that each franchise will benefit from.

As a DDAA franchise, you will receive everything you need to get started, grow quickly, and be successful.

  • An operations manual that will provide every detail of each aspect of the business to help you succeed.
  • Advisement on all insurance requirements
  • Advisement on organizing your business and setting up a corporation
  • A nationally recognized Logo
  • A customized E-mail Address
  • A customized and uniform website
  • All of our marketing strategies from pre-launch activities to working with sponsors and businesses. Human Resource information detailing how to hire employees, running payroll, banking, accounting, etc.
  • Group pricing and contacts for merchandise and promotional items
  • All the training you need to get started and all the live support you need as your business grows
  • All the important forms you need including press releases, service processing forms, etc. And much more!

If your ready to be your own CEO and own your own business, Designated Drivers Across America could be the company for you. Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on how to own your own Franchise, please email us with any questions or comments regarding franchise and sponsor opportunities. Click here to request more information.

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